Hiring an SEO Company for Reselling Purposes

Many businesses rely on the services of third parties in order to cater to the needs of their clients, and search engine optimisation is different. Whether a company is unable to keep up with the extensive work involved within the SEO industry, or if they’d prefer a proven expert to take care of the tasks for them for greater results – the potential to hire an external agency and have them take care of the hard work can be very beneficial.

For those that intend to market to potential clients for optimisation services, they may find it easier hiring an SEO company to meet the needs of their clientele, so that they can simply focus on obtaining further clients. There are two main ways to reap the rewards associated with these types of activities.

The first is in the form of commission, where a business can expect to receive a percentage of whatever the client pays to the agency taking care of their SEO. By sourcing clients in this way, a company may be able to enjoy up to 25% commission for each client – and all that they’ll need to do is take care of the correspondence and reporting, and the client won’t have any idea that the company that they’ve hired have actually outsourced to someone else.

The second option is to source clients, take their payment and then agree on a fee with the third party provider. The business can then pay the costs for the SEO work taken care of and any excess will belong to the charging company. This is a great way to make some extra cash on top of regular fees, as the company can charge however much they like, before paying a percentage of this toward the costs of the services.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of companies throughout Australia offer search engine optimisation services and many of them are completely unable to take care of the features themselves. Others offer design, multimedia and other types of service; only to resell on to another provider for commission. Over time, a company can expect to make substantial profits from these types of activities – especially if they are careful with their time and efforts in regards to sourcing fresh clients.

Focusing on the important tasks

The ability to have an expert take care of a particular responsibility while a business owner or members of staff turn their attention to sourcing fresh clientele can be a great advantage. Not only will a company be able to take on far more clients whilst relying on the resources of the third party provider, they will have plenty of free time to handle correspondence and develop new strategies for the greater good of the agency.

This in itself is one of the main reasons why so many businesses opt to resell their SEO in favour of being more productive. Although they may need to cover the costs of the third party, these costs can soon more than be made up for by obtaining a higher volume of clients – something that would be all but impossible without the time and effort.

The greatest thing about these types of services is that although the SEO experts will be taking care of the hard work, the paying client will still belong to the agency that has opted to resell. This means that at any time, they will be able to increase their rates, or make changes to terms and conditions, without having to worry about the quality of optimisation work being done. As long as the third party receive their costs, everyone stands to benefit.